Who are we?

We are a family with agricultural background, located in La Pobla de Vallbona, in the province of Valencia, Spain.

Our production is based on citrus, concretely in different varieties of: Clementines/mandarins and oranges.


What do we offer?

The citrus offer numerous variety possibilities, in our case we offer those that stand out for their flavour characteristics, the taste being more important than any other feature. Our variety selection and the fruit ripeness together with it’s freshness, it’s ideal for you to enjoy the pleasure of tasting a very high quality product.

We only offer products when we are sure that they are in their adequate ripeness state and are the right variety.


Our products?

The varieties we offer are always the best at the time, in it’s adequate ripeness state.

If we like it, we like it for our customers.


Our process

We pick up the fruits directly and daily according to the order, without any storage process, or after-harvest treatment, therefore we can offer a much more healthy product than any other you can find elsewhere.

We prepare our orders in wooden boxes directly in the field.

The transportation is done by express shipment, to deliver our product straight to your home in less than 24h after your order. The orders are processed before 12pm. The fruit is then picked up and sent by express post, allowing you to get it the next day.


Our goal

To offer a healthy product, with maximum freshness and directly from the producer to the end customer, without any intermediary